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Acquisition Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Revenue Analytics

Behaviour Analytics

Retention Analytics


Today, businesses have become highly data-driven. The ability to see the bigger picture, affords you more time to plan for success. Our analytics solutions help you keep track of all your business data. We further provide analytical services to determine the right course of action for your business.

Advanced Visualisations

Advanced Visualisations & Trigger­
Don’t like to see things in plain text? No problem. Get your data in the form of creative visual illustrations and understand your business in a better way. Triggers allow database-to-database interaction and a notification is sent every time any data manipulation occurs. Push notification is sent on user modified data with the help of Data Manipulation Language (DML) event.

Advanced Predictive Analysis

Advanced Predictive Analysis
Everyone loves a trump card, and advanced predictive analysis gives you a whole set of them. It’s the in-depth analysis of existing data to produce facts which can influence future outcomes for your benefit.

Sub ­Dashboard­

sub dashboard
Sub ­Dashboard­
This tool helps higher management in managing the performance reports of various team members. Their growth graphs, time-logged performance variations, areas of improvement etc., can be analyzed in this panel.

Data­ Interpretation and Reporting

data interpretation
Data­ Interpretation and Reporting
We take your data-cache, put it through our analytical process, and convert it into blocks of useful information. Our goal is finding the most useful facts concerning your business growth, user acquisition, strategy-formation, and much more. Systematically arranged reports are provided on a bi-monthly basis.
Today, we create as much data every two days as we did from the beginning of time, until 2003.


Discussion and Brainstorming

First comes a round of discussion and intense brainstorming. In this first step the initial layout of the whole process is figured out, and the base-idea is discussed. We sit with our clients to decide upon the most effective way of going about their particular project. Our experts consult with them to determine a course that can achieve the best results.


The systematics of the whole process are penciled down in the second step called taxonomy. In this, we figure out what comes first, and after. The whole process is structured in a systematic way so that it goes according to a set schedule.

Data Warehousing­

Your data is moved and housed in the system responsible for analytics and reporting. The whole process occurs under close observation and data-security is the prime concern. You can tell data-warehouses the core component of business intelligence environment.

Custom visualisations

We provide analytical reports to our clients on a monthly basis. But on occasions, when our clients need visual reports for a particular factor regarding the project, we do provide custom visualisations, true to their specifications.

Data ­Interpretation and reporting

The data stored in the warehouse is interpreted through a process of advanced analytics, and the results are then presented to the clients. The reporting is done on a bimonthly basis.

Predictive Analytics

The analytics help you in a unique way by providing insight into the future of your  Industry. These insights can be used to drive your business in the most profitable way.  Predictive analytics is the trump cards up your organisation’s arm..message-box

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